Prayers and Prayer Requests

At  MDVC we believe in the power of prayer.

We encourage all of our church  family to pray for  and with each other,

to pray for our church family and the wider church community,

For the people we know and for those that we don't know yet.

If you would like us to pray for you or your family please send us a prayer request.

Prayer is important to us.

The leadership of MDVC  gather together to pray, to seek God's Wisdom and direction. 

Things for we are currently praying about:

  • Structure and order for MDVC and its ministries.
  • Learning to be patient , to evaluate in a timely manner not being  quick to react.
  • Restoration and refreshment for the leadership, so that they can care and love God's people to their full capacity.
  • Smooth transition as we follow God's plan for our church. That God will bring peace and opportunity as we restructure and plan.
  • Protection from living / yearning for the past and not looking forward.Some pictures received during our prayer times:
  • Boat coming into the shore, people uncertain, expectation and fear, look for basic needs (food,water) then push into exploring the new land without fear and doubt.
  • Beautiful rose in the garden, in prime position. Problem is while the rose is beautiful and precious it is located where a shade tree needs to be.  - Willingness to let go of things that we hold dear and  precious ( like the rose) and re-plant with  what is needed like a big shady tree.
  • Hankering back for things that were for eg.  Like  the Israelite's in Egypt  wanting onions in the desert .

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