Nuts and Bolts

Picture1vineyard Mountain District Vineyard Church is a part of the Vineyard movement which is a recognised Australian Christian denomination, we are part of Vineyard Churches Australia. Every Vineyard Church (or christian fellowship) is autonomous having freedom to explore it's own community while still having certain traits that appear in all Vineyard Churches. All Vineyards believe in the statements of faith contained in the apostles and nicene creed and that the Vineyard movement is only one part of the wider Church of God. We strongly believe that God has blessed all Churches and denominations.   Vision: Our vision is to be a growing Church reflecting Christ's heart and love in our communities. Mountain District Vineyard Church believes God has said love Christ, love one another, then, Worship, get equipped and Do it! This will make us Kingdom people able to outwork the values that God has given us: Worship, Bible, Communication with God, Relationship, Reaching out, Justice/Mercy and Service.