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11159563_615171738585563_6352142743313878006_n   Hi there, Let us introduce ourselves, we are Andrew and Cathy pastors or team leaders of Mountain District Vineyard Church. Catch Up times see here : http://Current events
Currently we are trying to explore who we are. What does God want from us.  So there is a bit of reshaping going on.
The focus of our week, is not the Sunday gathering, in fact we are changing that too.
Why?  Because people are in cafe's , sports grounds etc so that's where we need to be too.
The focus is where we are living out the great commission intentionally, trying to make connections with people that may lead to others becoming disciples of Christ.
Mid week ministry to the vulnerable and lonely is where currently much of our resources are going.
When we all get together we know that we all need to be  refreshed, recharged and equipped to go again and serve him. I guess you could say we are a missional group of people.
So what about us? ......are we the kind of group you are looking for? You can read some of the more detailed bits on our nuts and bolts page. We are ordinary people trying to make a difference for God After all Jesus took 12 ordinary blokes, and 11 of them went on to change the world. They didn't have a special skill set but they did love the Lord. We believe that is what Jesus wants us to be like, a group where ordinary people (or some that feel less than ordinary) can feel like they not only fit in but have a purpose.  A group of people that God not only can, but will use to make this world a better place to be. This is a church where  we take the vineyard slogan 'everyone get's to play' seriously in a fun and relaxed way. . Of course we can't always do the stuff sometimes we are the one's in need of healing, that is ok too, but it's about getting well and back on our feet, to live a full well rounded Kingdom life... Come and see us at our factory in Boronia , the coffee's on, the backdoor is open should you choose to make a quick exit, but you just might find something special here  too.

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